2002 – 2010 Exhibitions and performances


  • London, UK. “Fall” Window installation of foliage, dancer and rope at Coco De Mer boutique in Covent Garden.


  • San Francisco, CA. Interactive performance, “Aka Ito – 紅糸”, debut performance for Art of Restraint at Femina Potens Gallery.  Photos at https://www.flickr.com/photos/black_pearl_10/sets/72157614236147065/
  • San Francisco, CA. “Plastics” solo show of interactive sculptures at Femina Potens Gallery
  • Seattle, WA “LoveSeat” Interactive sculpture from Plastics series. Juried show, Seattle Erotic Art Festival
  • San Francisco, CA. “Taken” an art prank performance protest in response to Iranian voting riots, which became the precursor to the Arab Spring. Femina Potens Gallery.   Read the review by Violet Blue “Considering Torture, and the Rise of Harsh Bondage / Violet Blue: Erotic art prankster Midori’s show “Taken” puts Amnesty International in the dungeon” http://bit.ly/1Fx6IW8  Violet Blue, digital freedom activist and journalist https://about.me/violetblue
  • Toronto, Canada “The Ache” an indie ghost story film directed by Keith Lock. Midori was rope stylist and choreographer. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1068941/


  • Seattle, WA. “Masculine” photos. Invited artist, Seattle Erotic Art Festival.


  • San Francisco, CA. “Masculine” photos at Daddies & Dykes groups show. Femina Potens Gallery
  • Los Angeles, CA. “Tako Hime no Gyotaku” performance with Kumi at West Coast Fetish Ball
  • London, UK. “Elements of Suffering” performance with Kumi at Torture Garden
  • Tampa, FL. “Elements of Suffering” performance with Kumi at Torture Garden
  • London, UK. “Elements of Suffering” performance with Kumi at Torture Garden



  • San Francisco, CA. Commissioned performance installation at Gallery Flux, incorporating ropes, bodies, ikebana and jewelry
  • Amsterdam.     Das Arts, Two week resident artist and instructor at this post-graduate performing art school in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


  • New York, NY. Rope styling for Tiziano Magni, fashion photographer. Work published in Marie Claire France & WestEast Magazine