Evoco Art Blender is a fully participatory, social and collaborative practice using the Evoco process as a central focus and catalytic event for other creative process to bloom. It is designed to encourage multimedia, fast and intuitive creation while connecting artists and creatives with one another. By making this open to all who create, beyond those who self-identify as artists, it strives to inspire the creative drive. This also serves as the “witnessed” original incident of the Evoco concept, upon which the changing nature of memory is explored.

This has occurred in Oakland, San Francisco and London, UK.

Read more about Evoco here.

A typical invitation….

Evoco Art Blender. Come make art with me!

Bring your medium with you and create off our creation… A jam-session of a different sort. Use my Evoco process as one of your raw ingredients! Sketch my mess, paint of the sculpted dancer, record the sounds, shoot photos, sing about it, video it… I want to see what we create.

Do you enjoy making art or witnessing the process of beauty? We want you there to sit back, and enjoy and have a lovely afternoon of beauty and creative energy.


Come on by and help me make messy art and beautiful memory with my amazing performing partners!

I’m working on an ongoing project of physicalizing moments of irrational beauty and creating artifacts of the process of memory formation. This starts with me sculpting people with rope, flower arranging them, painting them and using their bodies to create abstract prints on paper. These are the artifacts of fleeting beauty; like dust left behind your hands when you try to catch a butterfly. These shapes are beautiful and strange. They’re imperfect and distorted as memory. I will then work on these prints, embellish and alter them, like dreams retold over and over, to make scrolls of odd pleasures.

Your Part and Your Promises

You have a part in this!

We ask all guests to be fully present and engage mindfulness in sharing this. Do you draw, photograph, paint, compose, sing, knit, video, design or otherwise create? Please create with us! Bring your camera, easel, clay, yarn, or whatever medium (nothing with open flames!) and interpret my work. It would be lovely if you let us know if you plan to do this.

You promise to leave your yesterday at the door.

  • You’ll do your best to leave your tomorrow at the door.
  • You’ll enjoy the company you bring and new ones you meet.
  • You’ll witness and take pleasure in the art being created before you.
  • You won’t text, email or make unrelated phone calls.
  • If the mood strikes you, converse with other guests, or make out with your sweetie.
  • If the mood strikes you, dance.
  • If the pleasure suits you, just sit and watch.

Looking for Help & Volunteers. Any DJ? Door person? Art Assistant? We’re looking for a bit of assistance and volunteers to make this possible… If you can help, please drop me a note.

I’m looking for…

  • DJ or someone with an amazing, weird, ambient playlist to be our sound guru
  • Set up assistant
  • Midori’s painter’s assistant. (Must be OK with getting paint on you.)
  • Door Greeter / Guards
  • Hospitality. (Help keep the chip bowls filled and place neat.)

Come make art!

With love and lunacy