Why commission Midori?​

Whether sculptural, experiential, or installation,  creating custom art for my commission clients is an exhilarating form of collaboration
Working closely with your intentions and desires sparks my creativity, inspiring and challenging me in the most delightful ways. Once created, you will be in possession of beauty, form, and experience that is entirely unique and tailored to you. 

ᐧ ᐧ ᐧ

For site specific work, I travel to the location to explore the landscape and see how we can make magic within the world you already have.

For experiential creations, such as a personal Evoco body printing with custom scroll paintings, or the Surrealist Fortuneteller with Divination cards, this can be in either my creative spaces or in locations of your desire. 

My commission clients have been business owners who wanted unique art in their spaces, individuals celebrating special moments in their lives, event designers seeking unique art experiences for their guests, art galleries focused on contemporary work, and all types of people who seek to add rich experiences and beauty to their lives.

If you’re interested in learning more about what we could create together, I look forward to talking with you. 

~ Midori

Midori is available for custom work and commissions.

  • Woven installation
  • Interior & exterior rope features, converting space into textured art
  • Your own Evoco painting created with your enflowered body
  • Your own set of Surrelist Fortunetellling cards 
  • Performance of the Surreliast Fortuneteller