• January 2021 for Sacred Wound, Lunar New Year “Conjure” festival – global
  • May 2021 for Emergence conference, Emerging Arts Professional and SoMArts – hybrid

Abridged video


Step onto the virtual stage with the artist and participants from across the globe, to collectively dance and paint simultaneously – to create an existential sigil of the moment. A secular ritual of bringing joyous chaos into a moment’s ordered delight.  Erasing the line between the artist and the audience, forming a temporary creative collaborative unit. 

Worldwide and virtual, “InterFace” is a radical public collaborative improvisational performance with the online public, realized and shaped in 5 minutes. Utilizing common tools of Zoom in uncommon ways. Zoom became the ubiquitous means of human connection during COVID. Can we use this to conjure and conceive a future less lonely? 

This performance uses annotation tools on a shared screen or whiteboard: How to use annotation:

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Full Video, 5 min 39 sec