Overjoyed! with Marie Queerdo (and Keith), Performance Art in the Age of COVID 2021


Feeling glum, miserable, flustered, rattled? Longing for weird, queer artists who are messy, sensational, and absurd? Wondering how performance art could bridge physical and virtual audiences? Just need to get out of the fucking house? 

Well, then come on out to Emergence at SOMArts in person or online for Overjoyed! with Marie Queerdo (and Keith) for a one-night-only site-specific performance and panel discussion about joy, pleasure, and the painstaking journey to finally produce queer performance art amidst COVID. 

San Francisco artists Midori and Jason Wyman were booked over a year ago to perform Overjoyed, a webinar-style spoof of a certain tidier, at an event produced by Toxic Waste Face at SOMArts Cultural Center. Then, COVID hit and canceled all performances. Now, Midori and Wyman have reimagined the piece with the help of Emerging Arts Professionals Network and SOMArts Cultural Center and are proud to finally present it a year later on the stage it was meant to be on. 

After the performance, Midori and Wyman will host a panel discussion with SOMArts staff, Emerging Arts Professionals, and (hopefully) Toxic Waste Face to talk about curating and producing performance art in the age of COVID, and all of the joys, challenges, and accommodations necessary to ensure the safety and expression of artists and audiences alike.  

Any resemblance to actual lifestyle guru is purely intentional.


Overjoyed! with Marie Queerdo (and Keith) is intended for art workers, culturally-specific curators, community event producers, and (performance) artists, and all their admirers, lovers, and patrons  


  • Marie Queerdo, the Lifestyle Guru – Midori
  • Keith, the Executive Producer – Jason Wyman
  • Marie’s Assistant – Dorian? 


  • Technical Producer – ??? 
  • Event Producer – Rio Yanez? 
  • EAP Contact – Rhiannon Evans MacFadyen 


  • Midori
  • Jason Wyman
  • Rhiannon Evans MacFadyen 
  • SOMArts Cultural Center Staff (RE: Toxic Waste Face festival and COVID impact) – Carolina Quintanilla?
  • SOMArts Cultural Center Staff (RE: artist services ala Emergence)
  • Toxic Waste Face Rep – ??? Jader Vision <jadervision@gmail.com>, Nick Navarro <picklesolution@gmail.com>


  • Clipboard – Jason
  • Earbuds – Jason