Surrealist Fortuneteller & Divination aka La Pagliaccia Bianca


The White Clown – She was born in 2008, at least in this world it was 2008. Her demented birthparent was Marty Rotman, chief designer of NorthBound Leather in Toronto, Canada. In preparation for their major fashion show, Marty sketched out this character, who had no name at the time. He designed this with me in mind, but I was unaware until I arrived at our planning meeting.  Gingerly he showed me the sketch. He confessed later that he was worried I might be offended or otherwise not like this. 

To the contrary! I squealed with delight. 

The moment I laid eyes on the mere sketch of her, we were conjoined. She embodied some aspect of me that simply needed a face, and there I was! 

Marty was much relieved and then tickled. 

She is made of exquisite white leather. Her face is a full head hood with uneven eye holes, nose holes, and a large smile sown shut. 


It didn’t take long for me to figure out her backstory. She is from the 1920s of another timeline. She travels the world endlessly, looking for her missing lover.  Except she can’t quite remember why the lover went missing.   Her suitcase, always with her, is quite heavy. 


She is not malevolent. Nor is she altruistic. She is all about her own amusement. While in search of a good laugh, there might be consequences to others. It’s not her concern. She is unpredictable. 

Where the Yamaba is fundamentally kind and sweet, Bianca is… something else… she is of Chaos. She is from my Shadow. 

La Pagliaccia Bianca as The Fortune Teller using the Surrealist Divination Cards

When she is The Surrealist Fortune Teller is the only context in which she is serious. 

In her traveling carnie tent, she opens a moment of truth and insight for the seekers. Since she can’t speak, she uses phrase cards to guide them through to the answers they need. This interactive and highly intimate performance, like the Warchact Tests, the viewer completes their own reading.  The guests confront their own questions and values. When the only other being in the room has no human face, the social performance stops, creating a space for their vulnerable truth. 

The Surrealist Divination Cards

The cards are incorporated into an interactive performance event where La Pagliaccia The Surrealist Fortune Teller, weaves the participants’ words of love and life into unique art pieces, which they will take home, and hold in their hearts that they are the artists of their own life. 

Each card is a unique work of art. It’s created through the process of contemplation and free association leading to collaging that is similar to automatic writing. The cards may or may not be highly symbolic. That is up to the seeking guest. The cards will be incorporated into a culminating interactive performance event where my silent character weaves in participants’ words of love, fear, and life into unique art pieces, which they will take home, and hold in their hearts that they are the artists of their own life. This work speaks very much to my heart and purpose in expanding creative dialogue at the most intimate level—within the self.