“Tectonic” Solo show for Arcana Artist Award

“Tectonic” Solo show for Arcana Artist Award

In Tectonic, Midori asks us to “look up and see what we are standing on.”  She addresses the geopolitical, historical, and economic configurations of the globe, by disorienting both the map and the viewer to experience the world from diverse centers and orientations. 

Purchase: Please enquire directly with the artist. The work is available as a collected body of 7 sculptures or as individual works

While the Pacific Plate portion of this work takes a large role, reflecting her literal physical positioning as someone who grew up on both sides of it, Midori invites the viewers to enter the space of disorientation and multiplicity experienced by the global majority.

Through Tectonic, Midori continues to explore the power of collaboration and the use of reclaimed or rescued material. Together with local artist comrades and international makers, through the digital platform of Patreon, they transformed waste into art.  The wood from architectural salvage is dressed with ropes that had initially failed to meet the manufacturer’s industrial quality standard, then kept out of the landfill, given to Midori, and used in multiple installations.  As part of this project’s research, Midori and collaborators also worked on transforming plastic beverage bottles into weaving material.  All of this entwines with her connection to traditional Japanese craft and survival technologies.

Reclamation of material and understanding mutual reliance on one another for survival are lessons Midori learned both as a veteran and from her working-class Japanese heritage. Collective responsibility, plurality, and the need for fellowship for survival and sustainability are core to what she does – and ultimately, she believes, for humanity, if humanity is to heal and evolve. 

Opening Reception + Artist Talk

Arcana is pleased to present Tectonic, a suspended sculpture by San Francisco artist Midori.  

  • Arcana, 2512 Mission St. San Francisco CA 94110 MAP 
  • Saturday, March 19th, 3 pm – 6 pm 
  • Parking garage nearby:   Mission Bartlett Garage MAP 
  • Kids welcome.  
  • Event co-hosted by Queerly Complex