Midori collaborated and provided rope styling for prolific fashion photographer, Tiziano Magni.

  • 2002     New York, NY.        Rope styling for fashion editorial shoot. Work published in Marie Claire France
  • 2009     Rope styling for fashion editorial shoot. Work published in WestEast Magazine


Tiziano Magni first entered a darkroom at the age of six. From the magic that touched his sensibility as a child with the process of photography that seemed to him incredible, he has retained a pervading sense of possibility that goes beyond beauty to catch things that he is the only one to see, creating strong and yet sensible images, always inciting us to dream. Tiziano Magni’s photographs tell us familiar stories; they mirror the present with sincerity, naturalness and elegance. But they also go further than the mere act of posing because everything is mastered, from lights to colors or shapes, without even batting an eyelid. This is true work, though, but it has all been done beforehand, in the memories of the painters that have inspired him.

His love of life is also obvious and everywhere present: The love of inspiring travels, and of Cinema (which is life again), but also his passion for fashion, for the work it represents and which he shows in details. It is as if, by simply looking at his photographs, one could touch the taffetas, the laces and the velours. Tiziano Magni is looking without judging, he is analyzing without emphasizing and his photographs show the empathy he feels for those who pose for him. His strong and vibrant imaginative world is at the very heart of an impressive and distinctive signature in the multiple world of photography.